The videobased system for the analysis of athletes' swimming performance. A practical solution for swimming training and performance diagnostics.






_above water with highspeed camera setups for various perspectives

_under water with different installed waterproof cameras

_comprehensively in one video by using a mobile TwinCam Trolley

_instant feedback by mobile analysis stations




Get additional data through simple integration of

 _instrumentalized starting blocks and/or

 _official timing systems of several manufacturers






Aquatic Research Laboratory Hawaii • Australian Institute of Sport • Flemish Swimming Federation • Gloria Sports Arena • Hong Kong Sports Institute • Olympiastützpunkt Berlin • Olympiastützpunkt Sachsen-Anhalt • Olympiastützpunkt Brandenburg • Olympiastützpunkt Rhein-Ruhr • Singapore Sports Institute • Sport- und Bildungszentrum Lindow • Schwimmverband NRW





Standardized workflow for the analysis of relevant parameters for jump-or backstroke-start. Split times, kick rates, velocities, angles, trajectories, distances are available within seconds after recording.

Camera positions

Underwater cameras at 2,5m, 5m, 10m, 15m; Above-water cameras adjacent to the start block.

Capturing of qualitative technical parameters

Reaction-behavior, take-off movement, immersion-behavior, diving- and kicking-behavior underwater, transition phase and first strokes.

Capturing of quantitative parameters

  • Start time; reaction time, push time, block time, flight time and split times at 5m, 10m, 15m
  • Average velocities: 0m-5m; 5-10m; 10-15m
  • Distances, angles and trajectories during on-block phase, flight phase and underwater phase
  • Kickrate under water
swimming start analysis



Software module that allows the precise evaluation of the turn phase including the relevant sections of last and first 15m. Parameters auch as split times, stroke rates, kick rates, velocities, distances are measured.

Camera positions

Underwater cameras at 2,5m 5m, 10m, 15m; Above-water cameras adjacent to the start block

Capturing of qualitative technical parameters

Capture of touch, push off, turning and diving-, gliding- and kicking behavior

Capturing of quantitative parameters

  • Split times: 15m, 10m, 5m pre turn; touch/pushoff ; 5m, 10m, 15m after turn
  • Time spans: Adaption time, rotation time; push-off time; 5m in–5m out, 5m in–15m out, 15m in–15m out
  • Average velocities: 15m-10m, 10m-5m, 5m-0m pre turn; 0m-5m, 5m-10m, 10m-15m after turn
  • Kick rate
  • Stroke rates pre and after turn
swimming turn analysis



Very easy application for timing-, stroke- and breath- analysis of swim races from any distance and swimming style using the following parameters: Split times, stroke rates, stroke length, stroke counts, velocities, breath number, breath pattern.

Camera positions

At any relevant position in the pool

Quantitative parameters

  • Timing: International comparable split times, lap times and time intervals
  • Stroke analysis: Stroke counts, stroke lengths, stroke rates at any time position in the pool
  • Breath analysis: Breath counts, breath patterns

 Key features

  • Flexible and customized selection of parameters to be determined
  • Straight forward and predefined workflow -> shortcuts allow a quick and simple handling of frequently used functions
  • *NEW*: Quick Start Lite Analysis
swimming race analysis