a complete solution for the needs of swim coaches and performance analysts in daily praxis







Several hardware setups are available for under water cameras behind windows or in the water, for mobile and stationary applications, for single camera or multiple highspeed camera setups.



Additional measurement devices like instrumented starting blocks, timing systems of several manufacturers, waterproof EMG systems and any other kind of analog devices can be recorded synchronized with the videos.




Aquatic Research Laboratory Hawaii • Australian Institute of Sport • Flemish Swimming Federation • Gloria Sports Arena • Hong Kong Sports Institute • Olympiastützpunkt Berlin • Olympiastützpunkt Sachsen-Anhalt • Olympiastützpunkt Brandenburg • Olympiastützpunkt Rhein-Ruhr • Singapore Sports Institute • Sport- und Bildungszentrum Lindow • Schwimmverband NRW





Standardized workflow for evaluation of split times at relevant positions, trajectories of body points, angles and average velocities during a jump- or backstroke-start. Therefore, a minimum setup of five cameras is required (1 above water, 4 under water). All results are available within seconds after recording due to the well-structured and easy-to-use event definition.

Camera positions

Underwater cameras at 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m; Above-water cameras adjacent to the start block.

Capturing of qualitative technical parameters

Reaction-behavior, take-off movement, immersion-behavior, diving- and kicking-behavior underwater, transition phase and first strokes.

Capturing of quantitative parameters

  • Split times: Start time; reaction time, push time, block time, flight time, 5m, 10m, 15m
  • Average velocities: 0m-5m; 5-10m; 10-15m
  • Kickrate under water


Software protocol for analysis of last and first 15m and the relevant split times before and after a turn was performed. Average velocities, stroke- and kick-rates and diving length will be shown in the report. Simple workflow according to start analysis. Minimum setup of five cameras (1 above water, 4 under water) is required.

Camera positions

Underwater cameras at 1,5m 5m, 10m, 15m; Above-water cameras adjacent to the start block

Capturing of qualitative technical parameters

Capture of touch, push off, turning and diving-, gliding- and kicking behavior

Capturing of quantitative parameters

  • Split times: 15m, 10m, 5m pre turn; touch/pushoff ; 5m, 10m, 15m after turn
  • Average velocities: 15m-10m, 10m-5m, 5m-0m pre turn; 0m-5m, 5m-10m, 10m-15m after turn
  • Push time (contact time at wall)
  • Time spans: from 15m-15m; 5m-5m; 5-15m


Very easy application for split time and stroke rate analysis during a race of
any distance and swim style. Internationally comparable split times at relevant positions are part of the results as well as stroke rates at any position in the pool. Also available as standalone software package for Race Analysis with imported footage of camcorders, etc.. Especially for analyzing races during competitions with third party footage, this module is a very powerful tool for quick results and feedback for the athletes and coaches.

Camera positions

At any relevant position in the pool

Quantitative parameters

  • Internationally comparable split times
  • Stroke rates at any position in the pool

Key features

  • Automatic prediction of perspective and point in time
  • Software divides competitions in 25m and 50m pools and adapts the workflow and results



Using the CONTEMPLAS TwinCam trolley, both an under- and above water video are matched together to fit in one video file for both perspectives.This mobile trolley can be easily moved next to the swimmer so that the movement of the swimmer can be analyzed qualitatively. Waterproof cameras and a rugged notebook record and store the data.

Use the"Swimming" protocol for any other kind of recording with any number of cameras that does not have a special protocol in the Swimming Performance Analysis module!