TEMPLO Veterinary Analysis

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Example for Sports Analysis

What is veterinary analysis?

 - High speed video
 - Customizable protocols
 - Seamless workflow customization
 - Synchronization of different captures
 - Automatic reporting
 - Multiple camera synchronization
 - Mobility
 - Integrated database
 - Marker tracking
 - Integration of Force platforms
 - Additional cameras
 - EMG integration
 - Pressure measurement
 - Higher frame rate/resolution cameras
 - Reflective markers
 - LED lighting
After system setup, the subject is lead across the area of interest as video is captured. Then the gait cycle can be determined with a few clicks. Additional recordings can be taken from different perspectives, and all videos can then be compared and analyzed side-by-side. The system also can be used to capture animals walking on specially designed treadmills, such as hydro-treadmills for horses, cows and canines, and rat and mouse treadmills .
Captures can be analyzed to produce angle measurements, as well as marker tracking data. Images with graphical elements can then be placed into custom report pages, along with any A/D data that has been collected. Reports can be automatically generated with the gait cycle, as determined in the analysis.
 - Planning and consulting
 - Training and support
 - Custom hardware development
 - System installation
 - Hardware recommendations







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