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CONTEMPLAS aims to develop practically orientated solutions for different fields of application. This aim has been successfully reached with the software TEMPLO, an analysis solution for the human gait cycle. It makes no difference, whether you want to do a treadmill analysis or a gait analysis on a walkway, with TEMPLO you analyse quickly and you get a prompt and sound report.

First-rate gait analysis: TEMPLO with motionQuest

For us, gait analysis is not restricted to measuring angles and overlay videos, we offer more: motionquest gait analysis
The integration of the currex 'motionQuest' module enables a structured motion analysis-software, which reacts individually according to the chosen analysis scheme and which integrates the therapeutical aspects and consequences.

The TEMPLO software uses the specific language of gait analysis and offers a design, which is tailored to your specific field of application and increases your competence in the discussions with your customers. The video analysis software TEMPLO designed by CONTEMPLAS can be seen as a kind of technical center of competence for gait analysis.

The modules of professional gait analysis

motionQuest information Information:
Directly after starting the software, you can collect information about pains and problems as in a dictionary, you can read frequently asked questions concerning gait movements or have a look at sample videos of pathological gait schemes.
Complex circumstances can be discussed with the athlete or the patient.
motionQuest anamnesis Database:
Collect the personal data of your patients and select a suitable analysis scheme. Discuss problems and pains and document them by using the anamnesis module. This module also offers the possibility to print out a detailed report which provides extensive information for the patients or athletes.
Video capture Video capture:
According to the chosen analysis scheme, the software offers a selection of gait-specific videos and the systems adapts automatically to the possible camera perspectives or settings.
Video capture with several DV-camcorders or high-speed cameras is no problem.
running analysis Video analysis:
The video analysis module offers various possibilities for qualitative and quantitative motion analysis. At the push of a button, you can synchronise videos and measure angles and distances with the help of anatomic landmarks in a comfortable and interactive way.
A professional analysis and documentation is created, which is based on a standardised measuring protocol.
motionQuest running style determination As an option, this information can be completed with the fully integrated analysis software motionQuest Professional designed by Currex.
For the analysis with motionQuest you can use the data and measured values collected in the video analysis to get an objective statement concerning the movement of the leg axis (dynamic and static) or the movement of both feet.
motionQuest report Report:
The powerful report module offers unlimited possibilities to document your analysis results and facts for your customer. You can create a PDF-file, and send it as an e-mail or you can just print it out � no problem.
As a highlight, you can burn the analysis data on a CD and hand them out to your customer as an interactive player.
motionQuest show recommendation With the motionQuest-module you can optionally print out individual shoe recommendations for running-, MBT- or walking shoes. Furthermore, the software creates automatically a list of strengthening and stretching workouts, which are fitting to the personal needs of the athlete or patients and which result from the collected static and dynamic values.

professional motion analysis software
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