From just recording...
                     to high end markerless 3D (Theia)





Record multiple video

Just record, play back and share videos for teaching,
feedback or qualitative analysis.





Record hardware devices

Record synchronized video and hardware:
force plates, EMG, pressure, OptoGait, accelerometers, ...



Add application intelligence

Use your system most efficiently by adding our

modules for clinical gait,running, jumping, functional screening,

swimming, sprint start, posture 2D/3D, ...




Track markerless 2D

Extend our modules with markerless tracking and
get all 2D kinematic data instantly from each view.




Get to the top – track markerless 3D

Extend your system to a multi camera system and
track markerless for highly accurate 3D kinematic data.



Discover unlimited possibilities of motion analysis
      in sports and health          
see more examples for...

3D markerless (Theia) |SPORTS

3D markerless (Theia)|HEALTH

2D markerless





1| All-In-One Solution

CONTEMPLAS delivers all-in-one systems including hardware and software. The customer can rely on the quality of components and a ready-to-use system

2| Mobile and Stationary

It is up to you: Either go for a stationary setting, e. g. in your laboratory, or for a mobile system with maximum flexibility.

3| Camera Integration 

Depending on your requirements we select the right cameras among GigE, USB3, HDMI and IP and implement an unlimited number of them for synchronized recordings