TEMPLO Swimming Performance Analysis in daily practice

Since the final installation of the new elite training pool equipped with a Contemplas 10 camera and analysis system has been used daily. Coaches use these tools to give instant feedback and it gives them the opportunity to adjust the swimming technique on a regular basis. Fast feedback with a TV screen at the pool makes it easy to understand and view for the swimmer what he or she needs to adjust between training sets. The coach can access the database for a comparison between a reference model or previous recordings. It helps to gain the awareness for details every time and not only at a recording session once every week. This system is used by young promising swimmers as well by senior athlete's. These senior athletes' got a new boost by training in such a high performance environment which lead to multiple swimming finals and a medal at the Olympics' in Rio. Several group sessions with the 4x200m Freestyle Men relay team results in the fasted relay take over time in the heats and finals. Every detail counts at elite level and this high performance system makes the difference between success and failure. By creating an elite high performance system in collaboration with Contemplas we look already forward to the Olympic games of 2020.

Koen Van Buggenhout - High Performance Director Flemish Swimming
Stijn Corten - Performance Analyst Flemish Swimming