New! Fully automated Colour-LED-Tracking System

With the new fully automated Colour-LED-Tracking System, movement angles can be tracked in multiple camera perspectives at the same time.The software automatically detects and tracks the LEDs positions – even if they are temporarily covered. The colours can be used several times, so that even more complex models are possible. The LED markers are waterproof and can therefore also be used in swimming analysis.

Place LEDs – Track – Ready!

Automated Colour- LED-Tracking System

And this is how it works:

1. Place markers

2. Choose perspective

3. Track movements

4. View report

<<Video tutorial>>

Colour LED Tracking* available in TEMPLO 2017.2
Free updates are provided for all users, having a valid license for TEMPLO 2017.
For all users with lower TEMPLO license levels, please get in touch with your CONTEMPLAS dealer or CONTEMPLAS to get more detailed information about update possibilities and other services provided by CONTEMPLAS.

The appropiate update V2017.2 and an example can be downloaded from the customer center.
*Functionality not part of TEMPLO lite

Starter Set

Starterset LED-Tracking System

We offer you a starter set of EUR 375 net, that includes:

1. Storage box
2. 5 LED markers in the colours white, yellow, red, green and blue
3. 10 spare batteries
4. 1 box double-sided adhesive rings (500 pieces)
5. Calibration bar

Especially for our ViconMotus customers:
The starter set can be ordered even with white markers. Extensive tests have shown that the white LED markers can be tracked excellently by Vicon Motus 2D/3D. Because interfering reflexions or mutually glaring light sources are excluded.

Special conditions for customers with Update & Support Contract - save 20%!
All loyal customers with a valid Update & Support Contract or which conclude a contract for 2018, get the special price of EUR 300 net on the starter set.

Optimum Lighting

Dimmable LED spotlights for optimum lighting


To achieve optimum tracking results, CONTEMPLAS from now on offers dimmable LED spotlights for your existing Erco- ceiling rail or as a single spotlight. Due to the dimmable laboratory lighting you can set up the best configuration between LED-Marker brightness and ambient brightness at any time. Best analysis results are guaranteed.



What is next?




In the version 2018 the automatic LED markertracking will be integrated step by step into the core applications Running-, Gait- and Bike Analysis and provides the customer an increased value added through the automatic processing.