Saucony StrideLab on tour with TEMPLO!

In the course of the german-austrian StrideLab Tour 2016 Saucony trained more than 120 specialist dealers and their customers:

During part one of the training the distributors were educated in innovative running analysis and running shoe consultation with TEMPLO software, part two then focused on the analysis of customers`running style.

Core customer optimized their running and were provided with advice about suitable footwear.


The StrideLab Concept puts special emphasis on the initial communication with the customer and the quality of the running analysis:

"No one runner is like the other and everybody runs under different (physiological and anatomical) conditions. For the analysis, we regard the body in a holistic manner, looking in detail at the feet, knees and hip joints. Therefore the customer is filmed from three camera perspectives during running on a treadmill or ten meter runway. The Saucony StrideLab Software helps analyzing the images and forms the basis for a competent footwear counseling."

Mika Froesch (Country Manager Germany, Austria, Poland)