TEMPLO Swim Race Analysis: new features

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The evaluation software for swimming competitions, "TEMPLO Swim Race Analysis," has been equipped with further functionality: in addition to an accelerated import of the videos and new functionality in the management of personal data, the analysis for competitions in the 25m and 50m pools was extended with additional parameters. The protocol is available as a part of the module: TEMPLO Swimming Performance Analysis, but also available as a stand-alone solution: TEMPLO Swim Race Analysis.

TEMPLO Swimming Performance Analysis is suited to the needs of coaches and performance analysts and allows for quick evaluation of competitions. Both recording within TEMPLO, and recording externally with the help of a camcorder, smartphone- or tablet camera and subsequently converting and importing the videos into the software are possible.

Once the race is over and the video is captured, split times and stroke rates are available quickly and easily with only a few clicks. A key feature is the automatic prediction of perspective and point in time which supports the analysis and saves the user from time consuming navigation of the video. The software divides competitions in 25m and 50m pools and adapts the workflow and results.

TEMPLO Swimming Performance Analysis Race Analysis

Person-related data and data concerning the event and the heat are stored in the fully integrated database and are shown clearly in the automatically created report.

Split times (races on 50m lanes): 0m, 15m, 25m, 35m, 45m, 50m, 65m, 75m, 85m, 95m, 100m, Tbc

Stroke rates (races on 50m lanes): 20m based on 3 strokes, 30m based on 3 strokes, 40m based on 3 strokes, 70m based on 3 strokes, 80m based on 3 strokes, 90m based on 3 strokes, Tbc

Overview over all lane splits