TEMPLO Functional Screening – objectivity takes top priority!

The software's clearly structured workflow leads the tester step-by-step through the chosen screening and raises in this manner the standardization of the outcomes:

  • When recording, the tester is aided with his movement instruction by written instructions or videos. Necessary movements from other perspectives can be captured simultaneously.
  • When analyzing, test-specific assessment patterns are available. With their help, the tester can simply digitize relevant body points.
  • The automatic report offers a clear representation of the results in graphical and numerical form.

"Use the intelligence of the TEMPLO Functional Screening software to make your tests even more objective!"


TEMPLO Functional Screening - Y-Test

  • Instructions for the starting position and the movement sequence
  • Reference videos with the optimal movement sequence
  • Standardized workflow for a higher objectivity


TEMPLO Functional Screening - BASES

  • Testspecific assessments of the movement
  • Taking over of the original assessment system from the established test
  • Graphical tools support the movement assessment
  • Possibility to repeat the videos in slow motion
  • Reproducibility of assessment criteria 


TEMPLO Functional Screening - Y-Test / BASES

  • Automatic report
  • Report contents correspond to the established tests
  • Visualization of the results by diagrams
  • Quick and easy to understand