Polarexplorer Alain Hubert and Dixie Dixie Dansercoer rely on BASES!

To be required up to the level, experienced belgian expeditioners Alain Hubert and Dixie Dixie Dansercoer are screened regularly for physical weaknesses and inefficient movement patterns with TEMPLO Functional Screening test BASES. In this way, potential injuries can already be prevented in the preparation of an expedition:


Dixie Dixie Dansercoer

"During the preparation phase of my various Polar expeditions both in the Arctic and Antarctic, analysis, correction and strengthening those parts of my body that needed specific attention was a major item. The methodology used in BASES made this possible. The fact that a "nice" market such as Polar travel without any previously available scientific research leaves even the most dedicated specialists scratching their head did not hamper our in-depth cooperation. On the contrary, it also proved the value of the used methodology as foundation of not only healing aching body parts, but also preventing this body of getting hurt. This was going to be much needed during the gruelling days ahead. Mission accomplished!"

Alain Hubert

"What I really needed was to find a way to perfect the human machine to the level necessary to be able to take on challenges which might appear insurmountable to an unprepared athlete. I would have to pull a sledge weighing more than 180kg uphill for over 2000km.
The methodology used to analyze my efficiency of moving was deceptively easy at first. You start with studied movements designed to re-equilibrate the body and to eradicate erroneous ways of moving that tend to become habit.
I owe my good physical condition after several very punishing expeditions to the training support and advice received from two masters of the Human Machine and they used BASES to gather necessary info to make this possible."