Support and Presentation via remote access

Our team can visit you virtually and have a close look at the problem - just as when we were next to you. Your screen contents will be transferred by internet while we are talking to each other by phone. With your permission we can remotely control your keyboard and mouse, too.

Data processing contract required

download and sign contract Please note that European laws (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR) require a contract for data processing prior to remote support.
Please click here to download and sign this agreement

How To...

  • Download the viewer software from the manufacturer's website (see link below).

  • Remote control can only start with your permission.

  • You may close the connection at any time.

  • Please enter the connection number in the pcvisit field which will be given to you by our support employee on the phone.

  • An existing internet connection is necessary for the remote access. For reasons of speed, we recommend a DSL- connection. All session data is transmitted encrypted.

  • Our experts will work together with you to find the right solution.

Download and start pcvisit Support 15.0 client module

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