OEM-Version: Saucony running shoe recommendation

A convincing concept: the designer and manufacturer of athletic footwear Saucony uses TEMPLO Lite in a OEM-version with Saucony-design in specialised running-shops. Saucony aims to increase their market penetration and to emphasize their competence in the field of running.

Saucony Show Lab running shoe recommendation Facing a competition getting constantly more severe on the running shoe market, Saucony UK opted for the TEMPLO Lite Version with Saucony design and equipped their specialised "Shoe Lab" running shops with the software.

The main benefits of TEMPLO Lite - its easy handling and its rapidity - are now linked with the name Saucony.

A rapid comparison of different shoe models and the technically smooth presentation of the analysis results using the advantages of an up-to-date video analysis go hand in hand with the corporate philosophy of Saucony.

More information on the running shoe recommendation

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