TEMPLO Sprint Start Analysis

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Sprint Start Analysis

What is TEMPLO Sprint Start Analysis

 - Integrated “Starting automatic” with acoustic signal
 - Quick and easy hardware handling
   (adjustment of angle and distance of blocks)
 - Instant availability of results
   (diagrams and parameters)
 - Real time feedback – training system
 - Instant comparison with reference database,
   (whole range of 100m sprinters’ performance,
   men and women)
 - Immediate recommendation for training possible
 - Database functionality (longitudinal analysis)
 - Export of parameters
 - And many other features
 Additional integration options:
 - Add more cameras
 - EMG
 - Light barrier measuring system
 - Add time and space parameters with high-frequency optical system OptoGait
The workflow of Sprint Start Analysis follows this scheme:
 - Manual triggering of capturing system by the acoustic start signal "get set" for training of reaction time
   or automatic triggering of capturing system by the acoustic start signal "get set", when coupled with a start gun
 - Synchronous recording of time and force data and third party systems
 - Time-flexible analysis in feedbacktraining or at a later time
 - Direct comparison of results with the referencedatabase
 - Broad referencedatabase including data for all performance levels, even world class athletes
 - Discussion and feedback based on an individual report with numeric data, graphics and spider chart.
The standardized TEMPLO report documents the following results:
 - Basic informations: Total running time and the settings of the starting block
 - For the detailed analysis of sprint start: Synchronized force and time data
 - Time data: Reaction time, push-off/block time, 5m/10m split time
 - Force data: High peak forces in rear and front block, horizontal push-off direction,
   high center of mass velocity at block clearance, high normalized average horizontal block power
 - Numeric data, graphics and a spider plot can be used for a better visualization
 - A Sequence of images shows the start phases
 - Laboratory planning
 - Training and support
 - Hardware recommendations
 - Installation
 - OEM software design
 - Workflow customization








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