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Read the following examples to know more about successful applications of the system.

Treadmill analyses at Hallufix Treadmill analyses at Hallufix
A specific analysis scheme provides for a synchronous application of four DV cameras as well as a 200 Hz – High-speed camera for a detailed analysis of the ankle from a dorsal perspective. The specific requirements of Hallufix can thus be visualised in an ideal way."
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Treadmill analyses at Hallufix Somnio Running Shoe Analysis
Featuring gait analysis software at "Running Right - ultimate endurance gear"
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OProsthetic adaptation at the medical supplier  Sanitätshaus Dambeck Prosthetic adaptation at the medical supplier Sanitätshaus Dambeck
The medical supplier Sanitätshaus Dambeck performs prosthetic adaptations on a walkway using four mobile cameras. An analysis scheme for clinical gait analysis, designed by CONTEMPLAS especially for this customer guarantees the optimisation of the process.
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Universiy Primorska: Treadmill with pressure distribution Universiy Primorska: Treadmill with pressure distribution
A treadmill with integrated pressure distribution measurement and two 200 Hz highs-speed cameras are used in the "Science and Research Centre" of the University Primorska (Slovenia) for performance diagnostics.
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Video analysis at the Paralympics TEMPLO at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing/China
A group of scientists from the "The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH)" have been analysing long jump and other disciplines of disabled elite athletes during the Paralympics 2008 in Beijing/China using high-speed cameras.
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Testimonials and reports on motion analysis software

Read what users think about CONTEMPLAS motion analysis software and how magazines, newspapers and TV report on it.

Testimonials and user reports

LEX running experts

Laufsport Saukel gait analysis
LEX – running experts are convinced of TEMPLO
TEMPLO offers exactly the functionality needed for a quick gait analysis. That is the reason why several LEX – running experts opted for our motion analysis software:
• Laufsport Saukel, Kempten [user report]
• Sport Ruscher, Munich
• Lunge Lauf- und Sportschuh, Hamburg
• Active Running Center, Bonn
• Active Sportshop, Bielefeld, Herford und Gütersloh
• Dresdner Laufladen, Dresden und Chemnitz
• Sportorthopädie Rössler, Völklingen
• Stahl Sport Shop, Leinfelden

Orthopädie Nuyken Laufbandanalyse Nuyken Orthopaedics, Dinslaken
"In our daily work it is very important for us to spend a maximum of time with the customer."
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gait lab analysis orthopaedic clinic Speising Gait lab, orthopaedic clinic Speising, Vienna (A)
"It is very important for our running analyses that the analysis of the captured video data can be provided quickly and the TEMPLO software is really perfect for this."
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Sanitätshaus Rosenkranz Laufbandanalyse Medical store Rosenkranz&Scherer, Kelkheim
"No computer-aided system is as stable as the TEMPLO software is."
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Press, Magazines, TV

Medicalsports Network - Professional motion analysis medicalsports network: "Professional motion analysis"
"With a new generation of analysis, CONTEMPLAS offer a turn-key solution for both every-day problems including running/gait analysis, posture analysis and sports analysis."
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Sports Insight (UK) - Video analysis for the perfect shoe Sports Insight (UK): "Video analysis for the perfect shoe"
"Research highlights that the complexity of generic sports software programs can hinder the sales process, especially during busier periods. It just takes too long.
Based on these findings Contemplas have created TEMPLO Lite, a video program specifically designed for retail environments, with features that simplify and speed up the motion analysis procedure."
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Laufanalyse Numo Schweiz Tele Basel (CH): "Gait analysis"
"A camera captures from the dorsal perspective. In slow motion every movement and every malposition can be detected and analysed."
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Other literature

ICSS poster: Ski school carving ICSS 2007: Poster "Ski school: carving"
Biomechanics in skiing: "Standardized analytical method for 'Carving Basic Level'"
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