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For over 25 years, Vicon Motus has been the standard for 2D and 3D video-based motion capture and analysis.
Originally developed by Peak, CONTEMPLAS now handles sales, updates, and support for Vicon Motus 10.
With the latest version, users are now able to utilize the latest capture technologies through TEMPLO, which acts as the capture engine for Vicon Motus 10.
Kinecalc is another tool that can be added to Vicon Motus that allows you to input and calculate your own equations directly in the software.

The fundamental strengths of Vicon Motus 10 are based on:
- Advanced, multi camera and image processing systems through TEMPLO capture engine
- Time tested biomechanical analysis softwaren
- Portability
- Seamless sharing of trials
- Data processing
- Inverse dynamics calculations
- Calibrated 3D video
- Analog data processing
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