TEMPLO motion analysis: shoe recommendation

treadmill analysis The two factors time and efficiency are the main criteria in your daily work of shoe recommendation.

The gait analysis software is a very efficient tool for selling shoes.

TEMPLO motion analysis perfectly meets these needs and is especially created and tested for this.

The first software designed for running shoe selection!

TEMPLO® Lite is based on the successful TEMPLO® motion and gait analysis software and offers the speed and ease of use that specialised sports retailers demand during their working day.

  • Three predefined analysis protocols included
  • Instant recording with auto playback – no file naming
  • ‘Instant Report’ feature creates a complete report within seconds
  • Simple icons for on screen tools (angles, zoom, lines etc)
  • Unique comparison tool for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 video views
  • Overlay of all video clips
  • Save customer to database before or after recording

NEW: TEMPLO® Lite: Best value for specialised sports retailers

running shoe recommendation 3 programs for successful shoe recommendation

Designed with Running Specialists, Podiatrists and Sports Scientists. TEMPLO Lite is the first video analysis software 'Designed for Purpose'.

TEMPLO® Lite is a highly efficient analysis tool in the daily work of a running expert. Three predefined programs permit an optimum of rapidity in recommending and selling running shoes.

Three defined programs for a successful shoe recommendation:

Choose one of the three included analysis protocols: from the simple click ‘n’ look SpotCheck to the in-depth AnalysisPro where client’s shoes and barefoot function is analysed to find the perfect running shoe.

shoe recommendation: Spot Check

Instantly ‘video proof’ shoe selection

The SpotCheck program is a simple ‘click and look’ module – idea for proofing all sales without the need to change from ‘record’ to ‘analyse’. Using tools like angles, zoom, lines etc, you can perform a detailed analysis then deliver an ‘Instant Report’ – with just one click!
shoe recommendation: Multi View

Fast comparison of numerous models

MultiView offers a more detailed analysis allowing comparison of several shoe models. Of course, you have the graphic tools at your disposal to highlight the differences. The comparison tool enables you to choose instantly the number and model of shoes to compare.
shoe recommendation: Analysis Pro

Detailed analysis and shoe recommendation

The AnalysisPro is for the specialist running shop, it leads you through a step-by-step process, from your client’s original footwear and barefoot to a number of test shoes. Once the videos are recorded they are systematically synchronised and automatically compared!

Gait analysis: we invent new tracks – join us!

Several operators can work with the software at the same time – enabling the fitting and trailing process to run seamlessly without the frustration of finding your customers recordings lost.


For shoe recommendations CONTEMPLAS recommends the use of TEMPLO Lite

You can upgrade your TEMPLO Lite version at any time to the TEMPLO Basic or TEMPLO Standard version. The easy handling and the user interface remain the same, you simply get enhanced functionalities.

Please note: within one year after the purchase of TEMPLO you can upgrade to the versions TEMPLO Basic, Standard or Professional: the price difference is all that is required!

motionQuest show recommendation motionQuest shoe selection software

If you want to perform a even more professional shoe recommendation, you can upgrade your TEMPLO Basic by the 'motionQuest' module to get an automatic shoe selection.

More about gait analysis with TEMPLO and motionQuest

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